1Hot_water_panelsThe H.L. Turner Group Inc. has been practicing sustainability in design since its inception in the early 90's.  The name has changed over the years from healthy buildings to green design; however, the principles remain the same.  The idea is to use the correct products and design the building efficiently to save resources and energy.  This can be seen in items from the mechanical system design to the walk-off mat system. 

The Turner Group has LEED accredited professionals in every discipline among our site planners, architects, engineers, energy modelers, commissioning agents, and building scientists.  This team of professionals has worked on several LEED certified projects and many others that use the LEED principles without obtaining the certification.

“Our goal was to shoot for LEED Gold...mission accomplished!!!!  What a fantastic accomplishment the team has achieved.  Everyone should feel very good about this."

~ Paul Lukitsch CEM
World Wide Energy Manager, Regional Facilities Manager
Millipore Corporation