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Hydropower & Dams

The Turner Group provides a multitude of dam related engineering services. Services have included a broad spectrum of assignments including but not limited to feasibility studies; FERC licensing, inspection and evaluation; hydrologic; hydraulic; power generation; structural analyses; and dam repairs and design.  The Turner Group also provides surface water hydrology and hydraulic engineering  analysis and design.  Services in  this area of water resources include a broad spectrum of assignments from stormwater management and drainage,   to flood plain analysis and dam design.





Building Studies

The Turner Group has worked with numerous clients to develop concept plans and opinions of costs for design options. Many of these options are based on building new facilities or conducting renovations and building additions.

We can provide design solutions and opinions of cost for each of these solutions that meet the needs of the client. The opinions of costs are based on initial cost of construction, overall building envelope, and performance of the building over time.

Feasibility Assessment

The Turner Group has a holistic approach to assessing existing facilities. There are two main parts to the Feasibility Assessment: the facilities assessment and feasibility of occupants program.

During the facilities assessment, the Turner Group has a team of architects, engineers, and building scientists on-site to visually inspect the condition of the facility and all building code issues. Each of the design professionals will focus on their area of specialty. All team members will be on-site at the same time to work together and collaborate on items that may require multiple disciplines. At the end of this study, a report will be prepared with all items found, recommendations to fix these items, life span until upgrade is needed, and approximate cost to fix or replace items.

The second part is to meet with the occupants to better understand how their spaces currently work and how they could be adjusted to meet their future needs. This could involve adding space, moving space, or making current spaces more efficient. Based on these meetings, we will prepare a spreadsheet to show square footage of both current space needs and the space needs of any other desired options.


slide0062_image031The H.L. Turner Group Inc. specializes in designing healthy, sustainable structures.  By focusing on making your building safe, clean, and comfortable, while providing for the efficient flow of people and materials, we are able to design buildings that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also enjoyable to inhabit.

Our approach to design and construction ensures that the investment  you make in your building today will continue to deliver benefits well into the future.


slide0010_image083The H.L. Turner Group Inc. has worked with over 100 schools in the Northeast to provide them with healthy school environments known as the Advantage ClassroomTM.  The Turner Group's first Advantage ClassroomTM was part of the Boscawen Elementary School in 1996 using a 100% fresh air displacement vent system, balanced lighting quality, and superior acoustical performance.  Since Boscawen Elementary School, the Turner Group has refined and further developed the Advantage ClassroomTM principles.  Many of these principles are similar to the items required in the CHPS and LEED programs.  The Turner Group has worked with several states on pilot programs utilizing our system.

“The Advantage Classroom Concept that has been created at the Boscawen Elementary School is the best I've seen in my 40 years in public education, and I commend it to school leaders throughout the nation."

~ Dr. Richard Goodman,Executive Director
New HampshireSchool Administrators Association Champions for Children